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Everything you need to ACTUALLY convert your online followers to customers!

This sales script kit hands you the exact tools you need to sell online right NOW. This is for you if a client has ever left you on 'seen' in your DMs while you wonder what you did wrong!

I share the exact step by step processes I use to make sales online that have made me almost a million dollars so far!

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I'll even show you how to get them from your DMs onto a phone call to make it even EASIER to sell them your course or coaching!

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When it’s time to charge your worth, I hear coaches blame mindset. NOT TRUE! It's a knowledge gap. HOW do we raise our prices? Here's an exact formula to work out your price. In this incredibly simple spreadsheet, I will show you the exact formula for working out how much you should be charging to make the money you deserve - right NOW. 

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